He rightfully pointed out that it would be interesting to see how many good shots each camera will give you based not only on their AF performance, but also their continuous shooting speed. Here is a quick recap of the best AF keeper rate score for each camera.

As we test newer products, we will update this article with our findings. The X-Pro2 was the first camera released with the third generation X-Trans sensor, which also introduced a new AF system at the time and marked a significant leap forward for the X-series. Curiously, the X-Pro2 optical viewfinder proved an unexpected ally when taking pictures of birds in flight. Below are additional cameras I’ve tested for birds in flight but I didn’t keep all my notes about the AF performance and the keeper rate. The high price of the X-H1 and some missed opportunities that could have made it better than the X-T range didn’t convince many photographers to switch, despite the larger and more comfortable grip. Significant discounts in the second half of 2019 have given the camera a second life.

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Sony used to dominate this ranking with three E-mount cameras in the top 5, but Nikon and Canon have closed the gap and we have now two Sony, two Nikon and one Canon . I used only the green AF score to simplify, and I used the burst speed found in the recommended settings for each camera throughout the article. So in the table below, I calculated the amount of in-focus photos each camera would give me over a 4 second long burst. I chose 4s which is a duration most of these cameras are capable of handling at the maximum speed before how to download Road Rash the buffer becomes full.

Like the X-T2 and X-T3, you get weather-sealing and two SD card slots. The EVF is also good with a resolution of 3.69M dots and a refresh rate of 100fps. The A7R IV features a stunning 60MP sensor but, despite the huge resolution, the buffer is surprisingly good when shooting at 8fps. You can take advantage of the APS-C crop for extra reach, and you still get 26MP to play with.

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If you’re ready to advance your camera skills and purchase your first DSLR camera, the Nikon D3500 is the best option for a beginner. Its best-in-class 24-megapixel sensor can capture sharp images with high dynamic range, meaning both bright and dark areas will show details, and it excels in low-light situations. It’s particularly easy to use, has a Guide Mode to help you learn, plus manual controls that you can grow into, and connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

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Small and light enough to carry all day, it also has a battery that can last through long shoots. This lightweight, easy-to-use camera offers both great image quality and battery life. Below you can find additional articles about mirrorless cameras, birds in flight and wildlife photography. If you look at our wildlife round-up, where we analyse all these things, Olympus and Sony are the brands that tick the most boxes.